THEORY OF RUIN - Counter-Culture Nosebleed

Theory Of Ruin - Counter-Culture Nosebleed

7 songs
37:55 minutes
***** **
Escape Artist / Conspiracy


Alex Newport reached some fame in the Nineties with Fudge Tunnel, and later also with Nailbomb, a band he played in together with Max Cavalera (Soulfly, ex-Sepultura). Theory Of Ruin is his new band, and not that much has changed, although it would be unfair to say he is stagnating. Newport is playing guitar and moaning and screaming his way through the songs, the rhythm section consists of bass player David Link who toured already with Slapshot and drummer Ches Smith who collaborated with avant artists like Mr Bungle and Fred Frith.

The musical backgrounds of this three-piece promises already an interesting combination of hard sounds with technical finesse. Newport's sludge core roots meet post punk influences of the late 70s (Gang Of Four, Wire), which makes for some pretty intense listening experience. Type A Male is the only song that has a straighter approach and could be seen as a harder Nirvana, whereas the rest of the album is noisy art sludge, culminating in the 13-minutes running Blasted, built on a pounding rhythm.

Counter-Culture Nosebleed has a very negative atmosphere emanating, and the songs are built more on moods than on melodies, but if you like your music pitch black from time to time, then you might get off on this album. Although I doubt this is something you would listen to every day.

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