THE VERY END - Mercy And Misery

The Very End - Mercy And Misery

13 songs
44:40 minutes
***** ***


The Very End from Essen were already founded in 2004 but waited until 2008 before they released their debut vs. Life which was met with average acclaim by the press. Three years and a record label later, they try their luck with the follow-up Mercy And Misery which isn’t bad at all.

Their music dares to a balancing act between melodic death metal, crunchy thrash metal and hard hitting power metal. The band’s best known member is vocalist Björn Goosses who used to be in the popular Night In Gales. The Very End definitely sound more exciting than their name, and they show right from the start on the opener Ball And Chain how modern metal should sound. The band switches from melodic to aggressive and even dark parts works perfectly, and the vocals do a great job to always fit the mood. Even when they occasionally flirt with metalcore, as on The Leper, they always find their way back to their timeless sound, without losing any power of course. Another standout track is For All Things Undone which even comes with a certain progressive touch. From an instrumental vantage point, I like best the extremely harmonic guitar lines and the powerful drum sound which often whips the band into a frenzy. The joy of playing is unmistakable throughout the album, and is best documented by the two cover versions. Less surprising is their take on Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, while their rendition of one-hit-wonder Michael Sembello’s hit Maniac from the Eighties dance film Flashdance (covered only recently by Italian rock band The Maniacs) comes more unexpected. This should not mean that The Very End’s own material is not good enough to stand on its own. They simply used the cover versions to add a little fun and variety.

Those who can imagine enjoying a mix of In Flames and Nevermore should give The Very End a fair chance. It is always again enjoyable to fall upon a band that shows that metal can also be fun. This is even more pleasant when the band comes from Germany.

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