THIRD SEASON - Courage To Care

Third Season - Courage To Care

6 songs
15:43 minutes
***** **


When I checked out Third Season's website, apart from the sparseness of it, I had to learn that the band already dissolved. So much for the bad news, but don't worry, as three ex-Third Season members already regrouped as In Arm's Reach.

Still it should be ok to spend some words on their - as far as I am informed - only release Courage To Care. With only 6 songs and a running time of a quarter hour, it is quite a short legacy that these Belgian hard core guys leave to the world, but it was very promising at that.

The songs were mostly very fast, in a rather old school way, with surprisingly great guitar work that showed some parallels to more rocking hard core music. I can't say that there was one über-song, but then the overall impression was rather high. The vocals were the only thing that might bother you, as they don't set any new accents, but therefore the last song Worlds Apart shows a more varied approach to music, with some piano parts, more melodic vocals and less speed. If they succeed with their new band to get into that direction, we might have something serious ahead. 7 points for a solid debut.

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