THIRTEEN DAYS - Love, Fear And Fire

Thirteen Days - Love, Fear And Fire

13 songs
39:25 minutes
***** *


Thirteen Days is originally a political thriller film starring Kevin Costner, dealing with the Cuban missile crisis from an American point of view. Since 2007, there is also an Austrian quartet with the same name that plays a melodic mix of pop, rock and punk who had already the opportunity to be the local opener for popular bands like Blink-182 and NOFX.

After their debut album Start It Now from 2008, Thirteen Days are now back with Love, Fear And Fire. Their sound makes it really hard to believe that they come from the Alps. Their music has the definitive flair of the American west coast, and vocalist/songwriter Roman Mischitz’s English also sounds very professionally. Add to this wonderful arrangements and quite catchy melodies, and there is nothing keeping you from singing along. Comparisons to Blink-182 and Green Day are inevitable. Despite not being original, it seems as if the four musicians did everything right.

This was at least my first impression, but after the sixth or seventh song, I started to feel restless. The choruses are occasionally to saccharine and consequently hard to digest. Despite certain strengths, the band still has to work on two fronts to improve things. First of all there is a general lack of ideas which gives you feelings of déjà-vu on the album’s second half. Secondly the production is too clean for a punk rock album, and you can’t help feeling that the final production is aimed at a teenage audience. As I am three times older than that, this is giving me a hard time.

Maybe Thirteen Days are just the right kind of band to play at a high school party to give the thireen to sixteen years old kids something to dance to. I on the other hand prefer to stay with the bands the Austrians have been influenced by. They may play the same kind of music on the surface, but in the end it still is deeper and more varied.

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