THIS IS HELL - Misfortunes

This Is Hell - Misfortunes

14 songs
44:22 minutes
***** ***


Last year New York band This Is Hell made an impressive debut with Sundowning. Although they played old school hardcore, that genre sounded surprisingly fresh with them, and the short running time of half an hour for fifteen minutes made their first album an easy walkthrough.

There are still short two-minute tracks on their new CD Misfortunes, but also a couple of pieces that are more than four minutes long. The band’s sound has become more varied, which is necessary when you release a longer album. The opener Reckless shows immediately that This Is Hell have no time to lose. Despite their speed and brutality, they always find time to insert catchy choruses. This is true especially for Disciples and You Are The Antithesis, two great rocking tracks which are among the highlights of the album. Next to the faster and therefore logically shorter songs, the CD also contains early Nineties influences which remind principally of Biohazard and Sick Of It All, with gang shouts included. These cuts don’t sound less angry, but put less emphasis on speed. The unusual Last Days Campaign seems to be inspired by Neurosis and convinces with its viciously viscous approach and deep emotions that get under your skin.

This Is Hell have stayed more or less true to their origins but add a few elements to make their sound more diverse, which is essentially a good thing. Fans of their first CD should also check out Misfortunes which is sold as a mid-price album.

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