THIS IS HELL - Sundowning

This Is Hell - Sundowning

15 songs
30:55 minutes
***** ***


This Is Hell, formed in Long Island in 2004, know how to come promptly to the point in their music. On Sundowning, they succeed to deliver fifteen songs in a good half hour without any hollow moments on the record.

This Is Hell play uncompromising old school hardcore. Even if they don’t add new elements to the genre, they have an extremely fresh take at the genre. This Is Hell use powerful chords, ass-kicking riffs and emotional vocals that create a sound destined to go under your skin. Most of the songs are played at a furious pace, The Absentee Ballot being the only exception. The extremely catchy tunes make you want to sing along with vocalist Travis Reilly who used to be the frontman of Scraps And Heart Attacks.

If you like bands like Comeback Kid, Modern Life Is War and With Honor, the pure and energetic hardcore from This Is Hell should appeal to you too. This Is Hell are one of the more promising bands of the hardcore genre. Sundowning will certainly find its way back into my CD player in the future.

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