THORNIUM - Mushroom Clouds And Dusk

Thornium - Mushroom Clouds And Dusk

8 songs
38:51 minutes
***** ***


It seems not unusual for black metal bands to have longer breaks between album, but Thornium from Sweden may be among those who really want to stretch intervals. Fourteen years after their debut Dominions Of The Eclipse, they are finally back with their follow-up. Had the demo been recorded by mastermind Thyph all by himself, and the first CD already by two musicians, we get this time an entire band setup on Mushroom Clouds And Dusk, and it shows.

Egomaniac escapades may have their charm, but only a regular band can come up with an unadulterated noise orgy as we get to hear on this forty minute long onslaught of high adrenaline black metal. Thornium like it fast and raw, they don’t care for orchestral subtleties, but they also don’t neglect the melodic components which mostly show in the surprisingly well played guitar solos that are neatly embedded in the lightning fast songs, thus never robbing the material its momentum.

Mushroom Clouds And Dusk is anything but an original work of art, but in times where black metal has all too often reached a commercial status that was initially never intended, such an uncompromising statement is more than welcome. The production is adequate, giving every instrument enough space but still making for a sound that feels as primitive and wicked as every early black metal fan could only hope for.

It would be hard to pick highlights, because the eight songs are on an equally high level. The album’s goal is to crush everything and everyone that gets in its way, and it works just fine. This is undiluted black metal that does its very best to crush those who turned the genre into something accessible and even conformist. Let’s just hope that Thornium will not wait so long to come up with their next album. It would be a shame to write the next review in 2023!

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