THOUGHT CHAMBER - Angular Perceptions

Thought Chamber - Angular Perceptions

10 songs
54:58 minutes
***** **


Thought Chamber are a progressive metal newcomer band from the United States. Although actually they are anything but newcomers. Singer Ted Leonard is well known from Enchant, and guitarist Michael Harris released already a couple of well received heavy metal CDs with his former band Arch Rival, although that must have been already ten years ago.

Having everything they need to be the perfect prog metal band, we still don’t get the masterpiece we could have expected, but then Thought Chamber are not as bad as some other websites want to make you believe. The main problem with Angular Perceptions is that the band gives you glimpses of what they can do, as on the instrumental Mr Qwinkle’s Therapy, the moody Silent Shore or the final track A Mind Beyond, but all too often they rely on safe patterns and sound like a foreseeable crossover between Dream Theater and Fates Warning. Even then Thought Chamber are still a very listenable band, but whenever they fall into more complex schemes, you wish they remained there longer.

Prog metal fans should be comfortable with Angular Perceptions, even if Thought Chamber could have made their debut effort more adventurous. Let’s hope that if they decide to deliver a follow-up, that then they will set themselves loose from their mighty shadows and make the innovative prog album I am certain they have inside themselves.

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