THUNDERBOLT - Love & Destruction

Thunderbolt - Love & Destruction

9 songs
42:11 minutes


Apart from the fact that traditional heavy metal has a hard time getting out of its own narrow yet loyal fanbase, it happens that you come across bands that are not only annoying in their conservative take on music, but even go so far that you wonder if these guys are not just faking it and trying to become another Spinal Tap. Unfortunately it seems that Thunderbolt from Norway are dead serious about what they do, and that's so sad because already twenty years ago people would have laughed about the ridiculous cover artwork and the stupid song titles: Heavy Metal Thunder, Bad Boys, Metallic Depression, Sin, Sex & Spandex,... just to name the most memorable ones.

The music is at least played by able enough artists, although they oscillate somewhere between Iron Maiden and Saxon, minus the good song writing. It's not that I don't trust Thunderbolt to write a good tune, but it is obvious that form was more important than content, delivering an album that sounds like the most generic true metal release in many years. There are so many better and more original heavy metal bands around that I doubt that metal fans will spend their money on exactly this album. I give the few points for good production value and the ok instrumentation, but the boring song material and the overly clichéd artwork make this second Thunderbolt album ultimately a failure.

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