Tides From Nebula - Earthshine

8 songs
53:06 minutes


Tides From Nebula are from Poland and play classic post rock. They just released their second album Earthshine. The review could already end right here, as I have revealed already everything essential. As there is still some space left to be filled, I see myself forced to write some more sentences.

The band is playing technically immaculate post rock, but it becomes obvious rather quickly that they are hardly trying anything new. The songs follow the genre’s well known patterns by starting quietly, building suspense and ending with grandiose guitars and overwhelming drumming. You won’t hear any vocals, which is a bit sad as the guys are rather losing themselves in their songs’ generous lengths. Most tracks contain some intriguing moments. I especially want to point out the ethereal, crazy parts on Caravans. But all in all, the tracks are just too long and unfortunately contain too many idle moments. The band tries too hard to sound like the established pioneers (Mogwai, GYBE, This Will Destroy You,…) and consequently misses its chance to define their own identity.

Post rock purist might still find a lot to like on Earthshine, but everybody else will rather grab for the bands that inspired them. Tides From Nebula are impeccable musicians, but lack the vision to play among the better bands of the genre. They should try hard to find some own ideas for their next album, or they will risk to drown in oblivion.

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