TIGROVA MAST - Tigrova Mast

Tigrova Mast - Tigrova Mast

18 songs
32:44 minutes
***** ***


Kind of a Croatian super group, Tigrova Mast consists of three members that have gained experience mostly in bands unknown to people not quite living in Croatia, although their keyboarder plays guitar in Seven That Spells who released a record already on the same label. Tigrova Mast don’t want to be pseudo-classical or pseudo-intellectual, the way many prog and psyche bands come across. Instead they left their guitars at home and concoct an instrumental brew consisting of drums, bass and micro-korg. They bash eighteen tunes in not even thirty-three minutes, which should give you already an impression of their modus operandi. They sound like a post-punk band going haywire after having munched a teaspoon of finest amphetamines. Oriental folk elements turn up from time to time, explaining why critics call their genre sufi punk. If Islam had taken over the world in the Middle Ages, this is what rock’n’roll would sound today.

It’s hard to pick out highlight, because although the CD has a very fragmentary nature, it still feels like a cohesive piece of art, and if thirty three minutes is not enough Tigrova Mast for you, you can still watch a high-quality thirty-six minute live show, professionally filmed in black and white, as a bonus video on the CD. Just burn it on a CD-R and you can even watch it on any generic DivX player. It’s hard to compare this to other bands, although Mr Bungle quite felt the same during their Disco Volante phase.

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