TIMID TIGER - Timid Tiger & The Electric Treasure Box

Timid Tiger - Timid Tiger & The Electric Treasure Box

4 songs
10:31 minutes
***** ***


Timid Tiger is a newcomer quintet from Cologne, Germany. The band claims to play TigerBeatElectroPunk on their debut EP. This description is quite accurate because many different styles have been packed into the different songs. There are passages which are very sentimental and calm, others are powerful and hectic, and finally there are the joyful parts which invite you to sing along or clap your hands. The opener Headshakin' Sing Song Girls is a soft but melodic pop punk song. The dominant pop keyboards make me think of 80s brit pop la Paul King. The second song Miss Murray even found its way to a Spex compilation. This one as well as the next Let The City Save Us have strong beats and remind me another British band: Terrorvision. The closing track Kelly is calmer and more melancholic than the preceding songs and this time, I'd like to draw a parallel to Blur, oops, another British band. So there's nothing revolutionary about this EP, but it's a welcome appetiser for the first full length CD which will be called Timid Tiger & A Pile Of Pipers. A hopeful German newcomer!

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