Today Is The Day - Kiss The Pig

11 songs
36:34 minutes
***** ****
Relapse / Suburban


Although I was rather fascinated by TITD's last album Sadness Will Prevail, it somehow proved inaccessible, running for two and a half hours and some of their most experimental material to date. With Kiss The Pig, TITD have released an album which only takes a quarter of the time to listen to, compared to the predecessor, and sincerely I feel relieved at that. Where there was a lot of meandering on the last album, the new one is much more focused, starting already with the hyper-blast-speed opener Why They Hate Us. Yes, this is the angriest I have ever heard the guys around mastermind Steve Austin. Most of songs combine these grind core elements with occasional sludgier parts, all played at a very high technical level. Although TITD use the same progressive angular guitar rhythm that can be found with crowd favourites like Dillinger Escape Plan, TITD add their very own sense of production, which again is sounding different from any other band I can think of. The general sound tends to be rather high-pitched, with Austin's anguished screaming vocals reminding occasional of grind death bands like Macabre.

Few songs are longer than three minutes, there are even three atypical one-minute outbursts (Outland, Sympathy Junky, Train Train), although the album ends with the ten minutes plus epic Birthright which features everything TITD is made of and is a real rollercoaster of a song, before ending with soothing acoustic guitars, as if all the anger and venom before had never happened.

It is very likely that with Kiss The Pig, TITD will be able to win back a lot of people who were alienated by their last album. This is a great piece of art, from one of the originators of a genre nowadays known by many names (math core, metalcore,...), but which originated with TITD in unruly noisecore combined with crazy metal and hardcore vibes. Not for the faint-hearted!

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