TODAY IS THE DAY - Sadness Will Prevail

Today Is The Day - Sadness Will Prevail

30 songs
145:06 minutes
***** ****


This is an album I have been awaiting very eagerly. First of all, Today Is The Day are one of the most unique bands out there. Then, also, Sadness Will Prevail had been announced to be a double album, which is a rare thing in the metal / hardcore community.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that this was not only a double album, but one that's even last for nearly two and a half hours. All this, together with the bleak cover artwork, make for a rather special experience.

Today Is The Day, under the guidance of the gifted visionary Steve Austin, deliver 30 tracks, but to call all of them songs would be an exaggeration. Somehow this is logical, because most other bands could put three to four albums on a double CD like this. Of course this means that to find the trademark TITD scrEaMO songs, you have to get through a lot of samples, instrumentals and white noise. If you are strictly into songs-only albums, you should stick to previous TITD efforts, but if you dare to dive headfirst into sonic experiments, you will find Sadness Will Prevail to be a true challenge.

Lengthwise, you also get the full range, from below-two-minutes hardcore attacks to the plus-twenty-minutes instrumental Never Answer The Phone. Steve Austin's voice sounds very tortured, and his selection of samples also prove that he's got darkness in his soul. This is not a feel-good album, but rather a lengthy trip into the depths of the human psyche. The only negative aspect is the production, like always in the hands of Austin himself, and not sounding like anything else you know, but still with a weird overall sound (too little bass, in my opinion). This shouldn't prevent you from acquiring this epic piece of art. You can always create a single custom CD with the song parts for the times when you are in more easy listening mood.

To prevent you from having to buy the expensive Japanese import with the bonus track, check out the band's homepage where you can download that song as an MP3 file.

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