TONKRAFT - Maschinenkinder

Tonkraft - Maschinenkinder

7 songs
22:36 minutes


Tonkraft are one of the worst metal bands I've ever heard and they even seem to be proud of it. In their info sheet, you can read that they don't want to sound like a real band and that they don't care that their audience (I wonder if there really is one) has to pay to see a badly made show. I don't understand if this German trio wants to sound humorous or only cynical, but the 7 songs didn't convince or entertain me at all. They play a kind of metal somewhere between Rammstein, Knorkator and Ministry, only miles away from the aforementioned already established acts. Tonkraft aren't able yet to write songs with a coherent structure which is the most annoying fact about their debut CD. The shouted vocals are primitive and grunting and so, each song is an invitation to skip to the next one. Maybe they are suitable to mosh around in your room, but in my office, there's not enough space for sports activities. Even when they try to put some punk elements into their music (Die Fehde), the album doesn't improve. The only promising thing about Tonkraft is that their next album can't be worse and that this not so promising band only can develop in the future.

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