TOO PURE TO DIE - Confidence And Consequence

Too Pure To Die - Confidence And Consequence

10 songs
29:35 minutes
***** **


Founded in 2003, Des Moines Iowa five-piece Too Pure To Die self-released their debut Confidence And Consequence already in 2006. In the last two years, there were some line-up changes, the band was signed to Trustkill Records and subsequently decided to rerecord that album under more ideal circumstances.

They adhere strictly to the moshcore genre, with bands like Pantera, Machine Head and Crowbar being obvious influences. Too Pure To Die will not win a prize for originality, but their convincing songwriting makes up for that. The compact running time averaging three minutes per track helps to prevent unnecessary moments. With not even half an hour of music, there is hardly a risk of becoming bored. Even though all the songs have lots of breaks and metallic riffs, there are some standout tracks that deserve to be singled out. It Won’t Hurt reminds a little of VoiVod. 99 starts with a nice groove and contains smartly developed melodies, but as a contrast also features the heaviest moments on the album. The concluding What’s Left is finest crossover which should appease metal as well as hardcore fans.

Confidence And Consequence may only be a rerelease, but nevertheless very interesting for fans of brutal hardcore and metal music, especially since the original release didn’t reach that large an audience, and the new version is sold at a moderate price.

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