TORCHBEARER - Yersinia Pestis

Torchbearer - Yersinia Pestis

10 songs
36:03 minutes
***** **
Metal Blade


Yersinia Pestis is the debut by this very young Swedish band founded in 2003. The band members are however no newcomers in the extreme metal scene as they have gathered already experience in less known bands like Unmoored, Incapacity or Solar Dawn. Although a first look at the album cover may let you think that Torchbearer are a melodic power metal band, the first song Assail The Creation immediately proves the opposite: the song is played at a fast pace and mixes elements of death and thrash metal. These two genres are mostly prominent on this record, although some songs like Bearer Of The Torch or Far Advanced Closure contain stronger black metal elements. After 36 minutes, the album has come to an end and you wonder what's so extraordinary about Torchbearer. This is certainly a good metal album, but nothing more. Most of the songs are built on very fast instrumentation and raw vocals, but they mostly suffer from a lack of melodies. As there are much better and already more established bands in this genre, I think that it will be very hard for Torchbearer to get some recognition, at least for this debut.

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