TORNADO TOURIST - Session 1 (Summer 2007)

Tornado Tourist - Session 1 (Summer 2007)

3 songs
8:39 minutes
***** **


Although Tornado Tourist were only formed in April this year, the four members have already gathered musical experience in some other bands, although none of them are familiar to me. Not even half a year after their foundation, a first EP can already be downloaded from the band's homepage.

The Copenhagen four-piece plays quite typical indie pop rock as known by other bands from Denmark like Yellowish, Late Night Venture and Death By Kite. The musicians like to call their sound pompous which at least is a partly appropriate expression. The opener Particular Thriller is a noisy pop song with some slightly aggressive parts. Ended In Chaos puts less emphasis on speed and reflects the band's tendency for harmonic melodies. Death Of A Robot has the most modern touch and reminds me of Robocop Kraus.

It's hard to judge a newcomer band after having heard only three songs. For a start, they are quite promising, but I hope that the sound will get a more personal touch on their first full-length album. Tornado Tourist can be recommended to everyone who's fond of the sound of bands like The Shins, Smashing Pumpkins and Arcade Fire.

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