TORPID - Demo 2004

Torpid - Demo 2004

3 songs
17:36 minutes
***** ****


Torpid are one of those Luxembourgish bands that have kept somehow a rather low profile although they have played already more than 150 concerts and released 3 full-length CDs. When you are neither punk rock nor hardcore these days, it is hard to associate with a so-called scene, that's why Torpid preferred from the very beginning to do things their own way.

Lately they started working with the French booking agency Acracia, and also found a distributor for their last album in Belgium, so things couldn't look better for this young three-piece. The demo-CD I am listening to right now isn't a regular release, as far as I know (after reading the professionally done press book), but it gives a good overview about what Torpid are standing for in 2004. The first two songs 2x2 and Belaxt have been taken from the compilation album Death To Brazil II, released by Brazil Productions, and Torpid show themselves from their most progressive and sometimes nearly self-indulgent side. Especially the opener combines groovy alt rock with very prog instrumentation. It is really astonishing how much atmosphere they get out of three instruments, but then they are no beginners and not only are skilful in a technical way, but also when it comes to composition. Gilli's vocals are hoarse, kinda screamed, not really melodic, but always fitting the mood of the song. The second song is mellower in approach and achieves with its 8 minutes nearly epic proportions. The demo-CD ends with Bagger, a song that could already be found on Torpid's last album lmnop, showing the bands more accessible and just as interesting side.

Not many bands are able to combine different elements like math rock, noise, alternative and a hint of progressive music into such a homogenous ensemble. If you haven't heard of Torpid yet, it's high time to visit their website and check out their different releases. Great yet underrated band!

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