TORSOFUCK - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy

Torsofuck - Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy

9 songs
30:15 minutes
***** **


This is a first time for us: we decided not to add the cover artwork to the review due to the overwhelming grossing out factor and the fact that we don't want to be labeled an extreme fetish site. You'll find the artwork on the band's or their label's website, so feel free to visit it if you are into coprophilia. Band name and album title should suffice to give you an idea about the general direction of this album, and if not, maybe song titles like Mutilated For Sexual Purposes, Fistfucking Her Decomposed Cadaver and Worm Infested Anal will.

Torsofuck is a sick two-piece from Finland, and the cover layout doesn't come only with some more nice photos, but also with the lyrics that are totally deranged, but unlike some other bands, I wouldn't label Torsofuck as sexist or misogynist. Their lyrics are slapstick in a very gory way, written by kids who watched one to many gore movie and spent way to much time on the Internet, watching sites like Especially Raped By Elephants is so surrealistic, with an intro from my all time favourite movie "Freddie Got Fingered", that I can't be mad at these guys no matter what they do.

The music is machine gun grind core, ultra fast 90% of the time, and while this doesn't allow for much variation, it is entertaining none the less, especially as the album is only running for half an hour, and the frequent intros come from gore, porn and B-movies alike, getting a grin on your face more often than not. OK, this is not Regurgitate or Nasum, but it is better than for instance Cock And Ball Torture that I had the duty to review the day before. If you are truly into the sick and twisted, then by all means buy Erotic Diarrhea Fantasy.

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