TOTAL CHAOS - Avoid All Sides

Total Chaos - Avoid All Sides

13 songs
26:32 minutes
***** ****
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Founded in the late Eighties as a countermovement to the oxymoron of radio-friendly punk rock, the Californian Total Chaos always took well care to convey the image of the mangy punk rocker, with all the vices and virtues that come with that. So you get rather simplistic music, inspired by British classics like GBH, Exploited and Discharge, but as undemanding as their structures may sound, they are sometimes endearing in their directness, as can be witnessed on the genial Fuck The CHP. Just as important as the music is the political sting of their lyrics, with song titles like Bombs Away, Send The Boys Home and America Über Alles speaking a clear language.

And that’s what I like about Total Chaos most: they may look like no-brain punk rockers, but their outspokenness confirms that they have their hearts in the right (well, rather left) place. After an intro spoken by the Antichrist Dubya himself, Total Chaos are cruising through a dozen sizzling punk hymns that are all two minutes long, give or take a couple of seconds, making Avoid All Sides a honest piece of punk rock that owes more to early Eighties second generation Brit punk than to anything that has even come from their sunny state of California.

Avoid All Sides is never pretending to be original, but its provocative directness make this a bitter needed statement in a punk landscape where too many bands just lack the meanness of the origins of the movement. This is a classic!

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