Total Eclipse - Ashes Of Eden

11 songs
52:44 minutes


Sometimes I really like listening to retro metal, but it also may happen that a band is just absolutely out of time. One of these bands are Total Eclipse from the Bay Area. Even if their geographical origin may suggest a classy timeless speed metal band, Total Eclipse take their inspiration from mid-Eighties mid tempo US metal and count Acts like Savage Grace or Omen to their favourites. This was never my favourite style of music and thus explains why I have problems with the sound of Total Eclipse. Their melodic power metal is often too harmless. The first song Storm Warning is a classic metal hymn and the too nice voice by Andrea Giardina is disturbing a lot. The worst and most boring song is the ballad Tears For The World. There are only a few real pearls on the CD like the quite catchy Heaven On Their Minds or Shadow Of The Sun which reminds me of Thought Industry. Although the album was produced by German Uwe Lulis (Grave Digger, Rebellion), the album has a typical American touch. The song Frozen In Time best describes the band's actual situation. I don't doubt that there will be metal fans who like that sort of music, but I however prefer the harder stuff.

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