TOURETTES - Treason Songs

Tourettes - Treason Songs

11 songs
41:23 minutes
***** ****


Many modern artists like to style themselves with an image of insanity. Alice Cooper did it already back in the Seventies, but we all know he’s a staunch Republican conservative. Even Slipknow and Marilyn Manson can only fool the na´ve these days with their antics. But once in a while, you come across a band that really scares the hell out of you. Australian four-piece Tourettes are centred around frontwoman Michele Madden and guitarist Ashley Manning who both were adopted at birth, met later on in life and are apparently bound by a relationship of respect and loathing. Manning’s guitar parts are exquisite, to say the least. He’s performing a kind of psychotic metal which has become to rare these days. Firmly rooted in thrash metal, his technique has enough skill to deliver unexpected turns and fillings. Michele Madden complements him with her not-of-this-earth vocals that owe a lot to Karyn Crisis and the late Dawn Crosby, if not always in style, then always in deliverance and emotional impact. Barking her songs into the microphone, you’d be surprised to learn that she’s a gorgeous woman you’d marry instantly, if you’re into tattooed chicks with piercings, dreadlocks and blood smeared all over their face.

Maybe Tourettes just know how to use smartly a disturbing image, complete with menacing band profile, but their songs convey this schizophrenia excellently. The eleven tracks are not instantly accessible, but have a lot of redeeming value if you care to spend enough time with them. Sometimes I wish they were a little straighter, like Ms. Crosby’s excellent and enigmatic Fear Of God who were one of the most overlooked but also best metal bands of the Nineties, but Treason Songs is still an astonishing record that promises a big future from this band from Down Under. This is how psycho needs to sound!

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