TOXKÄPP! - eSKAléiert

Toxkäpp! - eSKAléiert

5 songs
18:07 minutes
***** ***


About half a year ago, Toxkäpp! celebrated their fifteenth anniversary in front of a massive audience at the Kulturfabrik. The band doesn’t release new music very often, but their great live shows allowed them to build up a huge fan base over the years. Their last longplayer Zwee Toun Ska came out already six years ago. Now they are back with the ten inch vinyl record eSKAléiert including a complimentary CD for their more digital minded fans.

Toxkäpp! are one of the few Luxembourgish bands singing in their native tongue. As they put a lot of importance on their lyrics, the vocals are always clear and easy to understand, provided you master the language. The band oscillates between social criticism and sarcasm, denouncing problems like Internet addiction, swine flu panic and the economic crisis. Kuck virun dech on the other hand deals with a more ironic theme: dog poo on sidewalks. The inside cover not only features the lyrics, but also explanations.

The first three songs offer the band’s typical sound. They are, as should be expected from a ska band, rhythmic and melodic at the same time, and have an upbeat pace. Add to this an excellent horns section and the occasionally bored sounding vocals that some might consider a weakness. Although these tracks sound quite alike, they still feature the Toxkäpp! sound we have come to like over the years. The fourth track Grunz Grunz Ha-tschi! starts quieter but ends in a truly angry part that reminds of the band’s early punk days. The last song Hallefnuecht is something rather different. First of all it’s an instrumental piece, secondly it’s definitely more reggae than ska and last of all it was recorded in 2005 with the meanwhile deceased band member Tun. This dark and creepy track was also featured on the soundtrack of the local cult trash gore film Zombiefilm.

The new Toxkäpp! release is limited to 500 copies, and as this is a vinyl record, I doubt that there will be further editions once this one is sold out. Long time fans will probably already own this piece, and fans of quality ska should definitely hurry to get their hands on this rare vinyl disc. As a fan of the first hour, I am delighted that there was finally a new sign of life of this Luxembourgish ska pioneers.

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