And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Festival Thyme

4 songs
17:16 minutes
***** **


And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead initially probably caught attention due to their hilariously long band name, but ten years of history saw them evolve from an unbridled noise band to some kind of indie prog hybrid that maybe scared away some of their early fans, although I have to admit that I am quite fond of their majestic compositions that once again come with overblown production values, although the band claims to have worked in a less sterile environment for the new songs.

So Divided is already two years old and was their last album on a major label. In the meantime, they founded their own company Richter Scale and are now back with the four song EP Festival Thyme, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming The Century Of Self. The two first songs The Bells Of Creation and Inland Sea are proof of a band that feels comfortable where they have been for the last few years. The guitars are loud, the piano is floating over all of it, the vocals have this ethereal quality, this is what Trail Of Dead have polished to perfection: epic noise rock with a broad arena sound that combines the apparently irreconcilable genres of alternative and progressive. The opener will be featured on the upcoming album in a different mix, the second song in a slightly longer version. The title track Festival Thyme is the only real non-album track, with two minutes really short, but displaying a more laid back, easygoing band. The closing instrumental The Betrayal Of Roger Casement And The Irish Brigade is yet another eruption full of pomp, and should be featured on the next album in a shorter version with a different title.

Festival Thyme offers seventeen minutes of good music, and although the EP is sold for the price of a single, you should still wonder if one exclusive (and very short) track plus three alternative versions are worth the price of admittance. Although I have to concede that I really love the steampunk styled cover artwork!

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