TRAIL OF TEARS - Existentia

Trail Of Tears - Existentia

10 songs
41:29 minutes
***** ***


After a Mexican tour which was a total organisational chaos, four members decided to leave the band Trail Of Tears. The label decided nevertheless to release their fifth album in January 2007 and main man Ronny Thorson desires to continue with a new line-up.

It would be a pity to dismantle Trail Of Tears because Existentia is far more interesting than the average music you hear so often from the gothic scene. On the one hand, it's possible that their music is too extreme for melodic and gothic fans because death and black metal parts are rather dominant on Existentia. And on the other hand, their sense for straight structures and nice melodies isn't a too attractive point for brutal metal fans. The fact that Trail Of Tears are sitting between the chairs makes their product so interesting.

Trail Of Tears can't avoid every cliché and the confrontation of growls, male and female vocals appears quite often, but all singers know how to handle their job. What distinguishes Trail Of Tears from many other gothic bands is the songwriting which takes advantage from many unexpected breaks and different moods including brutality, drama and melancholy. The second track My Comfort is doubtlessly the album's highlight. Other killers are the groovy and straight Venom Inside My Veins and the bizarre The Closing Walls which includes nearly everything from Hooverphonic-like triphop elements to wild and fierce black metal attacks. There's not a single track lacking diversity. The album's least extreme track Empty Room is a ballad with some operatic parts.

A bizarre fact is that each song on the album is four and five minutes long. This looks like the band is following strict patterns. But listen to them and you will discover a strange goth metal odyssey worth purchasing. While wondering how their future will look like, you have time to enjoy Existentia which has become a great farewell album.

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