TRAKTOR - Sequence The Sequence / Lights

Traktor - Sequence The Sequence

Traktor - Lights

12 / 13 songs
43:29 / 36:41 minutes
***** *** / **** **


These are not actually two new albums by Swedish chaos core band Traktor, but limited edition vinyl re-releases on Apocaplexy Records. When Traktor released their second longplayer Sequence The Sequence on Through I Made This Records in 2008, the vinyl version came out that same year. The quartet’s debut Lights from 2006, originally released on Through My Favourite Toy records, had to wait until 2009 to get transferred to vinyl.

This move makes sense as there are still people who prefer the supposedly warmer sound of the vinyl record to CDs, and it’s undisputed that the bigger vinyl medium allows for much more attractive artworks. The records in question therefore all come in different colour version.

Traktor are hardly innovative, especially since chaos core has been something we all have come to link with Scandinavia, but that doesn’t mean that their albums are not worthwhile. The debut Lights featured thirteen tracks, most of them rather short, apart from the concluding piece We Constructed Him – Now He Speaks In Code which was nearly eight minutes long. This epic track is also my favourite, because it gives the band more room to experiment with different moods. The remaining tracks are able hardcore songs full of noisy guitars and angular breaks that should give fans of JR Ewing and Kaospilot something fun to listen to. Their sophomore effort Sequence The Sequence sees a considerately matured band that this time dares more often to allow their songs to expand, contrasting the still present hectic business of their erstwhile trademark sound with more sprawling and more reflective parts that help to highlight the dynamic range of their music.

Although these Swedes have hardly reinvented the genre, Lights is still an impressive first work of a still young band, while Sequence The Sequence shows what progression this promising band is able of. Fans of vinyl records that dig Scandinavian chaos core full of unexpected twists and turns should get their hands on these rarities before they are no longer available.

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