TRAUMA - Archetype Of Chaos

Trauma - Archetype Of Chaos

9 songs
45:09 minutes
***** **
Witching Hour


Formed in the early Nineties, Trauma from Poland have been a very busy death metal band, regularly releasing new albums, with Archetype Of Chaos being already their seventh studio longplayer. Although Vader and Decapitated have put their country on the global metal map, Trauma somehow haven’t yet reached that same status. The reasons may be many, but a lack of talent can certainly not be to blame.

After a short intro, we get eight brutal death metal songs that run between four and eight minutes each. Not as progressive as Decapitated, Trauma are still an impressively skilled band whose extreme take on the genre shows many parallels to the best what the United States have to offer. Playing at a lightning fast pace, the drums destroy everything in their wake, the guitar riffs are deadly, and the vocalist’s grunts match the aggressive atmosphere. The Middle Eastern influence on The Truth Murder evidently draws strong parallels to Nile, but also later Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus have left their traces.

Trauma once covered songs by Fear Factory and Machine Head on their EP Hamartia in 2006, showing that they are also not immune to modern metal influences, but technical US death metal is doubtlessly the main ingredient on Archetype Of Chaos. This is, from a musical point of view, an outstanding album, but the lack of an own identity won’t make things easier for Trauma to achieve international stardom. With such impressive skills, they only need to work on a more original sound to open doors for them.

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