The Treehouse - Ore

5 songs
21:14 minutes
***** *


The Treehouse are an alternative folk band from Lincoln, Nebraska, The sextet hasn’t been around for too long and is trying now to get some attention with their debut EP Ore.

Starting with Not At Home, it is obvious that melodies and harmonies play definitely the chief part, just like the wonderfully clear voice of singer Anna Bennett. Occasionally, when she is joined by a male vocalist, they remind me of Slingshot Dakota, even though The Treehouse sound even mellower. The strong opener is followed by the disappointing Treehouse which turns out to be too quiet after all. A similar laid back attitude can be heard on Corinne which works slightly better due to richer instrumentation. The title track is quite disconcerting, giving the impression of a sect immersed in some prayer ritual. More reconciliating is the final What’s Up Now?, a hippyesque piece that wouldn’t be amiss on a Woodstock revival compilation.

I rather like The Treehouse whenever they are unafraid to add some drive to their songs. Half of the time they opt for more spartan arrangements, which is a shame, as this latter approach hides their true potential.

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