TRIGGER THE BLOODSHED - The Great Depression

Trigger The Bloodshed - The Great Depression

11 songs
34:14 minutes
***** ***


British death metal band Trigger The Bloodshed has only been founded in 2006, but The Great Depression is already their second label release. Their debut Purgation showed already a smashing mix of death metal and grindcore, but the new album shows them from an even more extreme angle. Maybe this could be due to line-up changes on the microphone and bass guitar.

The energy and anger of the debut has been maintained, but the songwriting has definitely improved. The opener and title track starts ultra-fast and is thanks to some relentless grind parts one of the most brutal tracks on the album. The following Warhound is a little slower, but the strong bass guitar makes sure that also this song is incredibly mean. The band has improved also from a technical point of view. The Scourging Impurity is for instance a track that may sound like pure thrashing the first time around. Listening closer will allow you to discover the astonishingly complex structures. Highlights of their faster material are the mega grind orgy Dessicate Earth and the classic death metal track The Infliction Of Tophet which contains a great guitar solo. Among the “slower” material, I can recommend The Dead World which its sludgy end and Contemporary Perception Narcotics which offers slo-mo and brutality at the same time.

The debut was already quite impressive, but the development on The Great Depression is remarkable. Trigger The Bloodshed play their extreme music differently from likewise bands, which is what sets them apart. The album has become ambitious and varied. Only the running time seems a little modest, making me wonder why they had to release their second album already a year after the debut.

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