TROST - Trost

Trost - Trost

4 songs
19:59 minutes
***** ****


Although this EP was already released in March 2001, it's a jewel of German rock music and deserves a review on this site. The opening song Nur für kurze Zeit is fast, melodic and easy listening. The song is powerful and shows parallels to Selig, a German top act some years ago. The second song is called Vögelchen and sounds quite unusual. There are distorted guitars, strange vocals with effects but also slower parts. Definitely interesting. The third one is called Zähl die Sterne and has a very penetrating melody, which is meant here in a positive way. Finally the last track Du wirst dein Dorf verlassen is a slower noise rock song. Everyone who loves noise rock with distorted guitars, a poppy touch and German vocals has to give Trost a chance.

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