TunnelVision - Tomorrow

10 songs
63:16 minutes
***** ***


The Finnish five-piece TunnelVision was founded in 1995 with the aim to combine prog rock of the Seventies in the vein of Yes, Genesis, UK or Rush with the sound of metal acts from the Eighties like Dio or Iron Maiden, but packed in the sound of the Nineties metal. Great idea, but didn't Dream Theater (I know, the obligatory comparison, but the parallels are really too strong) have this idea already some years before? Without being very original, TunnelVision however didn't have a problem creating nevertheless a convincing CD. On the second album Tomorrow, the prog songs surely have a certain technical aspect, but melodic elements are dominating however. Heavy staccato guitar riffs, dominating keyboards and a singer who's sounding like a young James LaBrie make you think to listen to an early Dream Theater work which got lost and now found. This progressive band has of course one track lasting longer than 10 minutes, obligatory for this genre. Even if TunnelVision are too close to Dream Theater, I prefer their solid song structures to a whole lot of prog bands who show a great lack of energy.

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