TWYSTER - Lunatic Siren

Twyster - Lunatic Siren

12 songs
43:38 minutes


Twyster are a German hardrock band with a female singer. Although they were already founded in 1995, they had to wait seven entire years to get a record deal. It seems that they developed backwards into the past during those seven years as they are sounding like an eighties female hardrock band. Musically there aren't many differences between Twyster and Warlock, although the vocals of the frontlady draw more parallels to Lee Aaron. Surely, Twyster try their best concerning the songwriting which is quite diverse. The opener May-Day is a real headbanger, Twyster is a very melodic song, there are also two ballads, well in fact you'll find a bit of everything. But the instrumentation is nothing more than average and worst of all are the vocals as the singer doesn't often find the right harmonical lines. Especially the cover version of a-ha's The Sun Always Shines On TV is catastrophic, even worse than the original. I hope that Twyster will wait another seven years before releasing a second album.

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