TYSTNADEN - Sham Of Perfection

Tystnaden - Sham Of Perfection

10 songs
46:10 minutes
***** **
Limb Music


The band name is Swedish (better known as Ingmar Bergman's classic movie The Silence), the influences come from Northern Europe (Dark Tranquility, In Flames, Sentenced), but Tystnaden are an Italian band formed in late 1999. After the release of an EP in 2003, their first full-length CD Sham Of Perfection was released in early 2005.

Regarding the band's origin and the fact that male and female vocals are shared, parallels to Lacuna Coil and Evanescence can hardly be avoided. But as the last Lacuna Coil releases have been rather disappointing, it's time to give a new Italian gothic metal band the chance to prove themselves. Tystnaden really don't do the job too badly, but it's not so far away from what Lacuna Coil did nearly ten years ago. The songwriting is rather diverse. You find several dynamic tracks like the opener First Embrace, Metaphora which contains growls by keyboarder Lorenzo Frascaroli, and The Vanishing where both voices match best. Progressive rock elements are present in the hymn Tystnaden, The Joke, Rewards and Hamlet. Slower and epic parts can be heard on the melancholic Münchhausen Syndrome and The Foolish Plan which contains piano and strings.

Tystnaden are trying their best to create an interesting gothic metal album which is never too hard or too soft, thus aiming at a large potential audience. I appreciate what they do very much, but it doesn't fascinate me totally because the music is a bit common. But what may charm you is the sweet Italian accent by singer Laura de Luca which hopefully won't disappear on their next release.

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