ULME - The Glowing

Ulme - The Glowing

4 songs
20:55 minutes
***** **


Ulme used to be a rather popular noise band in Germany in the Nineties that was often compared to Neurosis. And you would think when brothers have a band together, all should be nice and easy (although, thinking of Oasis, we know it's not always that way), yet in 1999, they apparently beat each other up over a girlfriend (whoever said that women should have a place in rock'n'roll?) and it was over and done for Ulme. Now, seven years later, they are back minus a brother with a new four-track EP, and I have to admit that this is the first thing I ever heard from them. First of all, this doesn't sound like end-time doom noise like their pre-millennium albums were supposed to sound. Instead we get mature indie noise rock the way we expect it from Germany. Especially the dramatic, charismatic vocals have this typical Teutonic inflection, like we came to love or loathe them from bands like Ostzonensuppenwürfelmachenkrebs and the likes. Combined with really noisy guitars, interspersed with calmer moments, The Glowing offers four longish songs that all work very well but are not as accessible that two or three fast listening sessions make you get all the details. The aggressive Azrael for instance sounds like Morphine discovering the noise guitar. The opener and title track is a straight noise rock track always waiting to break out, while Ungrounded Beauties comes with more epic moments.

The Glowing is a fine return to form, and an EP that would have been a classic, had it been released a few years earlier. Today it sounds still very good, but you can't get rid of the impression that it all feels like a relic from the Nineties. Let's wait what the coming years have in store for the restored Ulme.

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