UNCOLORED WISHES - World Under Control

Uncolored Wishes - World Under Control

10 songs
49:08 minutes
***** ***


Uncolored Wishes are a newcomer band from France showing that it is possible to play progressive metal that doesn’t necessarily has to sound like Dream Theater or Porcupine Tree. Their debut World Under Control is an original album full of different ideas that don’t immediately beg a comparison.

Although I respect their choice to head off into many different directions, not every song manages to convince me totally. For instance, I don’t understand why the opener End Of Time is a mid-tempo track. It certainly would have benefited from more speed. A short keyboard instrumental leads into Amazone, an authentic power metal song with amazing double bass attacks, impressive keyboards and really complex structures. Galleons Of The Messiah starts with Spanish sounding acoustic guitars before turning into a solid rock song. The album’s most experimental track Uncolored Nightmare uses samples and scratches to achieve a modern sound. The album turns more traditional with Mary Stuart whose guitar harmonies show parallels to Iron Maiden. Town Under Control is an excellent hymn that often changes pace and could have been performed by Nevermore as well. The quieter Whitedeath is less interesting, but the situation improves considerably with the weird Regression with influences from free jazz to avant-garde and gothic to pop. Final Dance is an epic, groovy track that could be a part of a rock musical.

Even if only eight of the ten songs work for me, Uncolored Wishes are nevertheless a revelation in the metal scene as they dare to go different and less obvious ways to achieve their aims. It’s an original album deserving the attention of every open-minded metalhead.

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