Undertow - 34ce

10 songs
49:23 minutes
***** ***


In their past, Undertow often were compared to Crowbar. I'm not familiar with these big-boned Americans, but the optical parallels between both bands are obvious. Raw metal is the best way to define the music by Undertow. Their metal contains such different components as up-tempo, mid-tempo, grooves, thrash, melancholia,... but the guitar playing and the rough vocals are at least partly hardcore influenced. Compared to their second CD Unit E, Undertow have left their doom influences behind them and they are as brutal as never before. Listen to w.o.t. and you'll understand what I mean. That doesn't mean that they have re-invented metal music, but atmospheric mid-tempo songs such as the title song, Genderation or BushIDo have the potential to be accepted by a metal audience. But Undertow are also able to combine hard riffs with melodic choruses as is the case on Stand By, a song which reminds me a bit of early Metallica or The Missing Link. The Memory Lies is a song darker than Type O Negative's Black Number One. Although Undertow are not the metal revelation, they have nevertheless released a modern metal album which can only be recommended.

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