Undertow - Unit E

10 songs
47:56 minutes
***** **


Type O Negative and Pyogenesis were the originators. I am speaking of the nu pop metal movement. Not really pop like Poison and Motley Crue used to be, but a dark kind of metal with that certain touch of melody that were the reason for so many good looking ladies on metal concerts lately.

OK, irony aside, Undertow is a really good band that has been around already for quite some time without having made it really big. After a self-produced album in 1997, the released a first regular CD on Sub Zero Records in 1999, which makes Unit E their second album, this time on the still young label Silverdust Records. Undertow really fit well into the scheme of that label, as there are many parallels to their label mates End Of Green, whose Michael HuBurn even participates on the song Slope. Crowbar's Kirk Windstein can be heard on Gone.

This puts Undertow into a musical direction which combines doomy heaviness with a grooving pop appeal. Another trademark is the complete lack of guitar solos, which might irritate true metal fans, but make the music more accessible to standard indie rock listeners.

I like the album, although there could be more diversity on it. Most of the songs are strictly mid-tempo, only Code-X pushed the throttle to the max. Even if I liked the last End Of Green album more, I still think that Unit E is a very mature effort and deserves to be checked out by fans of the aforementioned bands.

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