UNEARTH - In The Eyes Of Fire

Unearth - In The Eyes Of Fire

11 songs
44:01 minutes
***** ****
Metal Blade


If you don't consider some early re-releases and rarities compilations, In The Eyes Of Fire is Unearth's third regular CD. Compared to their last effort The Oncoming Storm, the metal elements have become more dominant and pushed the hardcore parts slightly into the background. The most impressing fact about the new album is the incredible speed present on nearly the entire running time. This Glorious Nightmare is a fulminous start, a brutal and complex song. It's followed by Giles, a mosh track close to Machine Head and Fear Factory. The vocals are never clean and make me think a bit of Tom Araya. My personal highlight is Sanctity Of Brothers, thanks to the various changes of melodic and complicated riffs. The Devil Has Risen proves that Unearth still know to play pure brutality. This Time Was Mine sounds a bit like a tribute to Pantera, maybe because the album was produced by Terry Date who did some collaboration with Phil Anselmo & Co. in the past. The only purer metalcore track is Bled Dry with a stronger old school touch. The album ends with the unusual instrumental Big Bear And The Hour Of Chaos which is surprisingly smooth for Unearth.

The Oncoming Storm was already quite a good album from Unearth, but the improvement on In The Eyes Of Fire is incredible. This is a fine example to show how contemporary metal should sound.

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