UNEARTH - The Oncoming Storm

Unearth - The Oncoming Storm

11 songs
40:44 minutes
***** ***
Metal Blade


Metalcore is the big thing at the moment, record labels from both the metal and the hardcore genres are jumping to sign those bands, and as it seems right now, there are still a lot of good such bands available. It would be wrong to call Unearth from Massachusetts a newcomer band, as they have been founded already in the late Nineties, even if their fourth album The Oncoming Storm is their first one for Metal Blade.

With a routine you have to expect from such a long standing band, the album delivers one grenade after another, and only the short half-instrumental Aries leaves room for breathing. Apart from that it's high quality metalcore the way we have come to enjoy it from the American East-Coast, meaning instead of just adding layer upon layer of brutality, the aggression is defined in a much more subtle way, combining Sweden styled death metal with a ferocious hardcore attitude, with occasional nods at mid-Eighties thrash metal la Exodus or Testament. While I have to admit that this combination may not be the most original, it works from beginning to end, you will be hard pressed to find a band as dynamic as Unearth.

Unearth shared the stage already with bands like In Flames, Poison the Well, Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Soilwork, Zao and Chimaira, all bands ranging from melodic death metal over contemporary metalcore to modern thrash band. If you like these kinds of artists, then The Oncoming Storm would be a logical addition on your next metal shopping list. The regular CD comes with a video clip of Black Hearts Now Reign, but if you're really quick, you can get your hands of the limited first edition coming with an exclusive DVD featuring a live show.

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