UNLEASHED - Midvinterblot

Unleashed - Midvinterblot

15 songs
46:29 minutes
***** ***


Unleashed's debut album Where No Life Dwells which contains the classic Before The Creation Of Time is dating from 1991 and so we have the good right to consider them as Scandinavian death metal pioneers. Every two years, another album followed, making Midvinterblot their eight studio album, and the first not to be released by Unleashed's long time label Century Media.

If you are a bit familiar with Unleashed's past work, you know not to expect changes on this record. Routine plays meanwhile an important part for this band and they know exactly how to be different from all those new death metal bands whose members still went to school when Unleashed started. The album contains a surprisingly high amount of variation. It has a furious start with the extremely fast tracks Blood Of Lies and This Is Our World Now. Then there's a slower break with the groovy We Must Join With Him and the early Slayer-like title track. The Avenger is a cool metal hymn to Odin, but my favourite tracks are Triumph Or Genocide, which has a Metallica-like thrash groove, and the ultra fast Salvation For Mankind which gets very brutal toward the end. Another highlight is the pure destruction orgy New Dawn Rising. The tendency to put quite a lot of melodic guitar solos into the tracks is an unusual idea for a death metal band, but it works on each song.

There is not a single disappointing track and I've been listening to the entire album without getting bored or annoyed. But even when Unleashed did their best to create a diverse record, it isn't very innovative and a lot of ideas have already been present on former works. But after fifteen years of band history, it's possibly more difficult to surprise with new elements. But it's nevertheless good to hear that Unleashed are still spreading a lot of energy.

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