UNLIGHT - Death Consecrates With Blood

Unlight - Death Consecrates With Blood

10 songs
45:57 minutes
***** **


Death Consecrates With Blood is the fourth album by Unlight, a black metal band consisting of German and Swiss members. The band members have chosen typically blasphemous psdeunyms: Blaspherion, Necron, Tartaros and Lord Grond. Therefore it’s no surprise that Unlight put a lot of emphasis on elaborate face painting.

Unlight are hardly the biggest technicians on the planet, preferring instead to spice their sound up with a strong amount of thrash. They also don’t care for intricate melodies and harmonies, opting rather for the primeval, early black metal sound of the early Nineties that was popularised by the likes of Immortal, Satyricon and Dark Funeral. Despite the lack of complex structures, the songs are full of interesting breaks, which saves the material from sounding always the same. The vocals adequately switch from screams to growls without sounding too original, but fitting well with the music. The incredible speed of the songs that rarely slows down during the length of a football period is a testimony for the band’s stamina. Standout track is Dancing Upon The Bones Of A Na´ve Perception which takes the listener with its sheer power by surprise. There is definitely no room left for sweet melodies or dramatic parts.

Those who crave a neat lesson in old school black metal will get full satisfaction on Death Consecrates With Blood. The transparent production helps to keep an overview of this extremely brutal record.

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