UNLORD - Lord Of Beneath

Unlord - Lord Of Beneath

13 songs
32:17 minutes
***** **


Putting Unlord CDs into your stereo is like travelling 10 years back in time, at least. Right now, it seems to me that most popular black metal bands strife to get better and better production, there's more and more gothic and dark wave influences in their songwriting, and even people who normally don't listen to metal music at all find that genre somewhat pleasing.

Thanks to the Dark Lord that we still have left bands like Unlord who are 100% old school. Their 13 songs only last a good half hour, but in that short time they surely don't take prisoners. Most of the album is totally high speed stuff, not too surprising considering that four songs clock in less than 2 minutes. Some of the longer (3 minutes) songs sometimes are played at a slower speed, and Midnight In Hell and Angel Of Fire even come close to being anthemic.

All in all this is a must for underground black metal fans, and people who are into this only for the fashion crap will get the creeps from this rawly produced piece of darkest black metal. I kinda like it myself, although subtlety is not one of Unlord's forces. But then it was never intended. 7 unholy points!

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