UNSUN - Clinic For Dolls

Unsun - Clinic For Dolls

10 songs
44:15 minutes
***** **


Unsun is the new band by former Vader and current Dies Irae guitarist Mauser Those expecting further elaborations into death metal territories will be surprised at the more moderate approach. The debut The End Of Life was released in 2008 to rather mediocre reviews, and I am afraid that this won’t change for their new record Clinic For Dolls.

Aimed mostly at fans of artists like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Edenbridge and the likes, Unsun is a rather exacting band but unfortunately not able to set any new accents. Some tracks like Clinic For Dolls and Not Enough do have some hit potential and are rather catchy, but all too often the band puts all its eggs in one basket. Vocalist Ava doesn’t sound any worse than those of other similar bands, but eventually she is only rehashing old recipes. The songs are nearly without any exception pleasant to listen to, but the spark doesn’t want to ignite. It wouldn’t do Unsun any harm to act a little harder. The apparently mandatory piano ballad The Last Tear is the album’s low point, but like any good gothic band, they couldn’t do without one.

In autumn Unsun will tour with Tristania. I am convinced that they are in good company there but certainly not yet advanced enough to be any kind of danger for the headliner. Those of you that are really into female fronted gothic metal will certainly have a good time with Clinic For Dolls, but I hope that in the future the band will work harder on an own identity.

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