UPHILL BATTLE - Wreck Of Nerves

Uphill Battle - Wreck Of Nerves

11 songs
37:42 minutes
***** ***
Relapse / Suburban


Everyone who is familiar with Uphill Battle's debut two years ago knows what to expect from their sophomore effort Wreck Of Nerves. While so-called nu metal is already yesterday's trend since a couple of years, it's this new breed of hardcore metal that really gets labels signing bands by the dozen these days. But let's not be unfair, as Uphill Battle, as well as the band members' previous bands, have been around already for quite a few years, and their new album proves that these guys understand the craft of good songwriting. Where many of their peers place all their money on one horse only, namely fast and furious, technically improbable hardcore blast attacks, Uphill Battle this time also have some less fierce songs (Shifting Pain, Breaking Down, Conceptual Frame) which add variation to the recipe and makes the shorter, faster songs appear even deadlier. The opener Self Inflicted is an impressive showcase about how you can inflict major pain upon your audience in just under two minutes, while my personal favourite is Lingering Existence, a piece working well with psychotic guitars reminding of early VoiVod. Uphill Battle are treading the narrow path between straight brutal thrash metal and unlikely math metal, staying thereby mostly on the metal side, but giving enough challenge to those deeper into the theories of music. Not always easy to listen to, and also not as playful as other modern metal bands, but Wreck Of Nerves is a respectable follow-up, demonstrating the band's will to be among the top contenders of the genres. Highly recommended!

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