UPSTATE - Missing

Upstate - Missing

5 songs
16:47 minutes
***** ****
Friendly Psychics


Upstate are in fact no real band, but just a soundtrack project: their first five songs were recorded for the soundtrack of Missing, an independent documentary by Joe Bargdill about 20 years of unsolved missing person cases in a small town called South View. A very curious fact is that Upstate are not rehearsing in the same room, but they are sending their tapes to each other by mail. Nevermind, the songwriting is excellent and they have written five very slow indie rock songs with a clear americana feel. The songs are all mellow, but paying more attention to each one lets you discover vibes and rhythms which go below your skin. The tracks are acoustic-based for the most part. My favourite is The Static which makes me think of Nick Cave or Jesus & Mary Chain while the opener Falling Missiles has a certain Pink Floyd flair. Underlying the beauty of the songs, you will find a very dark and sad atmosphere. Let's hope that Upstate will continue playing music, no matter if as a band or as project.

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