URSUS - Fuerza Metal

Ursus - Fuerza Metal

10 songs
34:37 minutes
***** **
Pure Steel


We Europeans don’t often come across from metal band from Columbia. Maybe this gives Ursus an exotic bonus, but their clumsy old school thrash metal definitely has its charms. Ursus are three guys and a lady that are heavily inspired by Eighties thrash from Germany. It may come as a surprise that their female member is neither singing nor slapping the bass, but instead offering all her power on the drum kit. The band from the capital city Bogota has been around for ten year, yet Fuerza Metal is only their second longplayer so far. Apart from those, they also released an EP and a split CD.

After the quiet intro, the first regular song Patria Grande shows that Ursus are going definitely for speed. Also the band is using their native language which works in their favour, as Spanish is an ideal vehicle for rock and metal music. The songs are all between three and four minutes long, only Marionetta de la Guera, which starts as a ballad, makes it over five minutes. It has to be said that the music is rather simple, even primitive, and the production is also not top notch. But maybe that’s exactly what creates this magical sense of wonder which reminds me of the pioneering days of Kreator. The final track Destruccion is a cover version of a song by the Argentinean metal legend V8, although I have to admit that I have never heard of them before.

Despite sounding very antiquated, Fuerza Metal still feels very refreshing for every nostalgic metalhead. The guitar solos are actually quite good, only the choir vocals don’t seem to add up. Ursus should either work on that problem or do without these kinds of vocals.

Fans of ancient speed and thrash metal who want to hear new bands reproducing this genre authentically should not hesitate. Sound fetishists better keep their hands off this admittedly charming affair.

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