USSA Pleasuredome & The Heirs Of Rockefeller - The United States Of Entitlement

10 songs
51:54 minutes
***** ***

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Split albums are often something of a mixed bag: two bands try to sell an EP-sized chunk of music to their fans and also to those of the other featured band. Often you want to listen to band A but are absolutely not in the mood for band B. The two obscure American bands USSA Pleasuredome and The Heirs Of Rockefeller fortunately are the exception the rule. Their sounds are very close to each other, and instead of giving the first half to one band, and the other half to the second band, T.H.O.R. are responsible for the odd-numbered tracks, offering instrumental music that sounds like a cross of guitar driven drone rock and electronic dance music, a bit like Godflesh were remixed by The Orb. USSA Pleasuredome have a very similar approach on the even-numbered pieces, but they have a more dreamlike atmosphere in their music, as if My Bloody Valentine came along to join the session.

There are only a few moments that really stick, but that doesn't matter as both bands are intent of creating a special atmosphere taking advantage of the symbiosis of organic and electronic music. With song lengths ranging from one to eleven minutes, they leave themselves enough room to experiment with all kinds of structures, from danceable moments to ambient chill-out and even sometimes oriental influences. This is experimental music at its most interesting, as there is always a lot to discover while remaining also accessible to the open-minded alternative fan. And if you didn't know any better, you'd even thing that The United States Of Entitlement were the work of a single entity, so good are the different parts integrated into the whole.

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