V8 WANKERS - Iron Crossroads

V8 Wankers - Iron Crossroads

14 songs
45:40 minutes
***** ****
Steamhammer / SPV


German punk’n’roll band V8 Wankers has been around since the year 2000 and are one of the busier bands when it comes to studio activities. Iron Crossroads is already the quintet’s seventh longplayer, next to three EPs and numerous split releases.

After a short intro, we get right away first class punk rock sounding like coming straight from the streets. The band like uncomplicated structures that will stay with you instantaneously. But there is much more to V8 Wankers than just simple punk rock. Partly they use splendidly arranged choirs, which sounds especially well on I Am The Guy Who Gets Away With Murder. A certain glam component can also not be denied. Occasional dramatic parts will let you think of Meat Loaf and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The pace of the songs couldn’t by more varied either. At times the eight cylinders are strained to the max, with the band rocking at their wildest (Your Name, Stop Bugging Me), but at other times they refrain from the gas pedal and amaze with more melancholic material, as on Dirty Old Man. Gone Electric does its title justice, coming with a fierce rhythm that makes it impossible to sit still. The last track of the regular edition (the limited edition comes with two bonus tracks) is called Live By Rock’n’Roll, Die By Rock’n’Roll and sounds a little like a parody of Eighties poser metal.

The band calls its style speed rock’n’roll, which partly makes sense, but in my opinion doesn’t go far enough. Their chosen genre makes it hard for bands nowadays to set new impulses, but the V8 Wankers passed the test with flying colours. Hats off to this great masterpiece!

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