VALD - Boycott Your Life

Vald - Boycott Your Life

11 songs
28:57 minutes
***** ***
Treason Troops


Avid DisAgreement readers will remember the name Nick Napalm, who used to play with Finnish rock'n'metal band Terrorwheel who released a widely respected album three years ago on Massacre Records. Now Nick Napalm is back with his new band Vald to release their second album on a much smaller label. Also the musical genre has changed, for the better, if you want my opinion. Even though they label their sound as grindcrust inspired metal, it comes across rather like a kind of crust'n'roll, true to the outlaw spirit of Nick Napalm and his cohorts. You just have to look at the promo pictures to understand this.

Most of the songs are short and aggressive, hatred fuelled crust bombs with a rocking guitar sound, varied drumming and vocals that have an unusual but welcome snotty attitude for this kind of music. Even if tracks like the opener Boycott Your Life or the pounding Fuck Fashion have all it takes to make this album a fantastic listening experience, my personal favourite is the four minute epic Waiting For The Angels To Cry. If there has ever been something like a crustcore ballad, here it is.

Boycott Your Life, while not yet a milestone of its genre, still shows that rocking crustcore can be much more entertaining than those bands who take the genre and its brutality too seriously. If you liked the more rock'n'rolling Entombed albums and think that adding a pound of anger can only make it better, then Vald's Boybott Your Life is the ideal album for you!

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